Métis N4 Construction and GFL Environmental

Meeting environmental challenges together to ensure the sustainability of our communities and way of life.

About Métis N4 Construction Inc.

Métis N4 Construction is a diversified Project Management Construction corporation owned by the Manitoba Métis Federation (MMF) through its Economic Development Trust. The Corporation was established to provide the MMF with a vehicle to pursue effective Métis participation in economic and major resources development projects like the Bipole III transmission project and new pipeline projects, including Enbridge Line 3 replacement and the TransCanada Energy East project. The firm specializes in construction project management, operates Indigenous training programs and provides camp accommodation services. Since its inception in 2014, N4 Construction’s revenues will exceed a quarter of a billion dollars this year. It is among the most successful Indigenous social development enterprises in Canada.Since its inception in 2014, N4 Construction’s revenues will exceed a quarter of a billion dollars this year. It is among the most successful Indigenous social development enterprises in Canada.

About GFL Environmental

GFL Environmental is the only major diversified environmental services company in North America offering services in solid waste management, liquid waste management, and soil remediation. With strategically located operations across Canada and the United States, GFL is uniquely equipped to undertake practically any environmental challenge, with unparalleled commitment to safety and customer service. One of the keys to our success lies in the diversity of our services and our ability to deliver robust integrated solutions – traditionally provided by multiple third parties – all from a single efficient company. We believe that, by providing safe, accessible and cost-effective solutions, we encourage greater environmental responsibility and allow our customers and the communities we serve to be Green For Life.

About the Partnership

The Métis N4-GFL Joint Venture creates a unique synergy between Indigenous traditional and conservation knowledge and industry-leading, best-in-class diversified environmental solutions. Guided by shared values of safety, environmental stewardship, and service quality, our joint venture combines ancestral wisdom with innovative practices to solve environmental challenges while ensuring the sustainability of our communities and way of life for generations to come.

Our Services

Together, GFL Environmental and N4 provide services in the following areas






GFL proudly serves millions of households under municipal contracts in communities across North America, with a proven track record of high-quality service.

Indigenous Participation in our Projects

Métis N4 has achieved unprecedented Indigenous participation in its business projects and project management solutions. This has included direct Indigenous employment as well as Indigenous procurement opportunities. Métis N4 has worked with Indigenous training providers to plan for and pre-prepare its workforce to take advantage of opportunities resulting from awarded contracts.

GFL is proud to foster meaningful ongoing partnerships and joint ventures with Indigenous communities across Canada that create mutually beneficial economic, employment and training opportunities. GFL prides itself on its diverse approaches to sourcing Indigenous employees and in seeking Indigenous subcontractors in its supply chain.

The Métis N4-GFL Joint Venture will draw upon this leadership and experience to maximize Indigenous participation and benefit in awarded contracts.

Why Work With Us

a proven track record

The N4GFL JV brings a proven track record and team to execute leading edge environmental solutions for solid and waste disposal and soil remediation solutions.

increased opportunities

The existence and commitment to work together demonstrates economic reconciliation and will lead to increased employment and procurement opportunities for Canada’s Indigenous community.

Traditional Knowledge on the leading edge

The strategic partnership brings together Indigenous Traditional knowledge and leading edge GFL environmental solutions to make our planet more sustainable.

meeting diversity commitments

Choosing the Metis N4/GFL JV can help companies meet their diversity commitments and our shared commitment to increase Indigenous participation in the Canadian economy.

Our Projects

Enbridge Line 3 Decommissioning Project

Line 3 Decommissioning Project is the final phase of the Line 3 Replacement Program. The work has been divided into four phases, the first of which (Segment 4 in Manitoba) was completed in 2021. Over the summer and fall of 2022, the remaining three segments (Hardisty to Cromer, MB) will be completed.

Decommissioning entails taking a pipeline permanently out of service, safely and responsibly. The practice of decommissioning in place minimizes the potential effects on communities and the environment, as well as the stability issues that surround soil disturbance. For Enbridge’s existing Line 3 pipeline, the decommissioning process involves wiping and cleaning, disconnecting, segmenting, filling (at strategic points), and continuing to monitor the line.

Enbridge Line 3 Replacement Project

Enbridge Multibillion-dollar Line 3 Replacement Program is the largest project in Enbridge history, which involves replacement of all remaining segments of Enbridge Line 3 pipeline between Hardisty, AB and Superior, WI, along with construction of associated facilities. The project involves replacing existing 34-inch-diameter pipe with 36-inch-diameter pipe from Hardisty to Gretna, MB, and Neche, ND, to Superior. The new Line 3 will comprise the newest & most advanced pipeline technology and provide much needed incremental capacity to support Canadian crude oil production growth, as well as U.S. and Canadian refinery demand.

Métis N4 works with Enbridge, mainliners and subcontractors to ensure socio-economic requirements in the procurement process. A separate socio-economic plan will be required for Métis participation in relation to each of the three construction spreads in Manitoba. In addition to providing subcontracting opportunities for Métis-controlled businesses, contractors are asked to identify potential project management roles for Métis personnel.

Enbridge’s Multibillion-dollar project saw 218 Métis men and women trained through the Met secure high performance quality jobs on the largest project in the company’s history. The project strongly needs the support from Métis labor force to decommission its old pipeline still underground to secure the contract MMF N4 construction signed a joint venture with Alberta-based steel River Group. The team of mainly indigenous employees of which more than 70% were Métis would be charged with emptying the old pipeline, wiping it clean on the inside and out, disconnecting the pipeline from the main line to prevent any more oil from entering, permanently closing all valves cutting and sealing the pipeline and filling the lines under rail crossings. All of these were to be done while focused on the common goal of quality workmanship, culture awareness, environmental protection, and personal safety.

Client Testimonials

"When I started on the Line 3 project, I started as an inspector in training. Throughout the project, actually took my API 1169 examination and passed. I’m now considered a full-fledged pipeline inspector. I’ve dealt with multiple crews since I’ve been out here, from access, to clearing, to backfill and hydro testing, and now I’m working on the cleanup of the project. Now that I have the 1169 certification, the options are really endless."

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